i do (stalk wedding blogs)

Did you guys know that I’m obsessed with wedding photography?  Well, you do now.  It’s a common topic of conversation around the Glendie, especially between me and Hil.  Oh the time I have procrastinated stalking wedding blogs.  It really is sad- but they are SO beautiful.  I’m really trying to intern with this magazine, Southern Weddings, because I mean, honestly, what could be sweeter than working with people who love weddings as much as I do?  Specifically, photography.  Here are some of my favorite blogs/photographers.  Feast your eye…

Tec Petaja– He’s got such a great eye.  Brilliant.  Mom, Dad?  Someday?  Thanks

Wedding Gawker– A collage of distraction.  It has links to all kinds of weddingy blogs and websites.

Southern Weddings Magazine– wonderful!  All sorts of charming weddings from our neck of the woods.

Nancy Ray Photography– I actually just found this Raleigh-based chick the other day.  She also adores Anthropologie like me.  Quickly becoming a BIG fan.

Green Wedding Shoes– This is the blog that got me started.  Still my absolute favorite I think.  Fuels my obsession.

Once Wed– Oh gosh. Another really great one.

Jose Villa– Such a talented photographer.  His work really is stunning.  Also, he took that SW cover shot up there…

Ok, those are just a few of the many that I frequent.  Gosh, I hope I didn’t break any copyright laws with those pictures….. Anyway, now I’ve admitted my somewhat embarrassing obsession.  But you have lots of lovey dovey pictures to look at now.  Don’t judge me, ok?


5 Comments to “i do (stalk wedding blogs)”

  1. Sweetie,

    Duly noted. It is not my desire to vitiate any future wedding plans by being overly parsimonius … but, when I call you “princess” it is meant as a term of endearment…not a reflection of a social status for which a wedding should aspire…

    Love you :) mean it!


  2. Girl don’t even worry! I stalk every single one of those, too! (Except for Tec Petaja, never heard of that… must go stalk now!)

  3. Oh ps you MUST check out Millie Holloman – my absolute FAVORITE!

  4. Em, nooooo. This is my weakness. I did not need this distraction during exam week…

    But seriously, thank for for giving me something so much better to do than Spanish homework.

    PS — I’m still laughing at your dad’s comment!

  5. wahooo all my favs! THATS tec and his wife on that first cover of souther weddings! arent they presh!?

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