So, tonight all us Morrison leaders made pancakes as a kind of community outreach.  It got me to thinking about the joy these little flapjacks bring.  I mean they’re kind of a treat for breakfast, right?  I  know my mom didn’t have the fluffy delights waiting for me every morning before school.  It’s usually reserved for those special occasions or a lazy Saturday morning(afternoon).  Any day started with pancakes is bound to be a good day.

Or you can be like us and devour them as a late night snack.  Nothing like a hot stack of pancakes layered with butter and doused in maple syrup to break up the dread and monotony of your Econ 101 notes.

The greatest pancakes I have personally ever eaten were at camp when I was 10 years old.  One of the last nights during the week-long camp was spent outside on top of a mountain essentially with nothing but the expansive sky and its dotting stars above us.  Sounds relaxing, right?  Wrong.  It rained all night and was about 65 degrees.  I “woke up” (I never really slept) wet, tired, and completely famished.  Then, I saw them: misshapen and oddly sized chocolate chip pancakes being served for breakfast.  I sat with the girls from my group and we watched the sunrise over a valley of redwood trees eating what I consider to this day to be one of the best meals of my life.

*Even Jack Johnson likes pancakes: Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes


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