jean-jacques sempé

If you know me, then you know how I love all things French. Bread. Cheese. Wine. Shoes. Artists.

Everybody, meet Jean-Jacques Sempé, the most amazing cartoonist to grace the pages of a children’s book or the cover of The New Yorker.  Observe:

Isn’t that cute?  He always draws the everyday type scenes.  You know, stuck in traffic, riding a bike, playing in the rain.  He finds the humor in the mundane and brilliantly uses watercolor to create some of my favorite images.  I’m legitimately obsessed.  I went to his gallery in Paris and got 2 posters, stationary, and 2 books.  Biggest fan award goes to me.  Here are more of his pictures for your enjoyment :)

definitely a poster in my room

he missed the train!

ahhh dancing in the rain! one of my favorite things ever

Well if you’re not obsessed with Sempé, then you just haven’t seen enough of his work.  Come to my house. Gawk at his books with me. If you are now a Sempé lover, then go here: and read Nicholas’s blog.  It’s from the POV of one of his characters, a little French boy, and it’s SO adorable.  Hasn’t been updated in a while, but still fun regardless.  YAY!


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