shady tree love.

Isn’t that just beautiful? I sure think so. Trees are awesome in many ways, but their shadows are probably my favorite.  Driving under a canopy of branches with the sun peeking through, playing on your windshield, is wonderful.  Again, one of the only moments I enjoy driving.  I’m so thankful that Franklin St. is like this on the way to my house.  Virginia is also lucky to have so many streets like that.  Winding, roller coaster roads lined with oaks and maples.

So pleasant.  Any runner will tell you about the joy experienced when you turn the corner and see the shady road ahead.  I look forward to it at least.  My favorite tree shade is probably from willows.  Observe their leaves:

There may be nothing better than curling up under one of these and taking a nap.  Given my severe allergies, I’d probably be sneezing and sniffling after 20 minutes, thus negating the serenity, but still.  I will definitely have a willow tree in my yard someday where I can bask in the shade :)


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