I’m a journalism major so I like words.  Not as in Facebook like, but as in truly enjoy vocabulary.  I love it when you write a sentence that rolls off your tongue, when you find the perfect way to phrase an emotion or sensation.  Previous roommates can attest to my obsession with how a sentence sounds.  I have literally spent 45 minutes rearranging, rewriting, rewhatevering the last sentence of a paper.  It can be a problem sometimes.  Fear not, though, I am NOT one of those people that reads the dictionary for kicks.  I just wanted to clarify that early on.  I actually prefer the thesaurus because it a) gives me new and exciting ways to say mundane words, and b) it sounds like a species of dinosaur.  And we all know how I feel about dinosaurs.

SO in light of my desire to grow my vocabulary, mostly to impress people and write articles that get me a job someday of course, I have started “The List of Favorite Words.”  Here I will compile a record of the words I love most.  Some will also be words that people have called me out for saying too much (ie absurd).  I love the way nonchalant sounds a little French and the fact that splendiferous is actually a legitimate part of the English language.  Some are inspirational.  I mean I remember the first time a friend of mine used “cornucopia” in a sentence.  I was baffled into awe.  And some are just funny sounding.  “I get my trout from a local fish monger.”  A fish what….?

Words are also fun to say over and over and over again.  For example, say bubbles 10 times really fast.  Weird huh?  (Fact: burbujas is bubbles in Spanish.  Thank you Kelsey for your foreign language input.)  Anyway, this is a common trend among small children.  I have discovered on more than one occasion a child’s joy of repetition when he learns a new words.  When I was little, it was dither. I would say it again and again in my car seat.  Dither dither dither dither dither.  Bet my mom loved that one.

Then there’s also the word “word.”  I mean obviously everything I’ve been typing has been a series of words strung together to make sense, but now people are just saying “word.”  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Is is acknowledgement of my previous statement?  Are you defining the language tool I just used?  Are you at a loss for words, so you just say “word” because it’s all that’s left of your vocabulary?  If someone knows, please inform me.

Finally, I stated earlier that I didn’t read the dictionary like a freak.  Minor fib.  I “read” urban dictionary and it is a grand adventure of learning every time I’m on that website.  Find the definition of your name.  It’s enlightening.  Here’s mine:

1. slang term for a highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual.

2. The most beautiful person in the world. Often referred to as a Goddess. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. A great friend that cares about people and makes the world a better place. Easy to love too.

3. omitting because I want to keep this PG

Well, I suppose I can deal with a definition like that :)


One Comment to “wordy”

  1. AHH EMILY I LOVE THIS BLOG! I am seriously like your biggest fan right now your use of stellar vocabulary is just too cool! Promise to be my friend after you’re rich and famous? LOVELOVE

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