official first post.

So here I am, not in a foreign country, and I’m keeping a blog.  It’s nothing substantial, but more a compilation of things I love, find humorous or think beautiful.  I’m generally a random person, so my entries will probably follow suite. I’ve loved all the random blogs I’ve found that really just chronicle pretty things or have funny stories.  It really is such a great way to waste time, but still fee like you’ve gained some knowledge or a really cool idea for what to do with your mason jar obsession.  So, I’ll simply share the things that fascinate me, inspire me or make me burst into laughter awkwardly in the middle of my mass communications law class.  Enjoy :)

To begin, I will describe one of greatest loves: children’s food.  I just turned 20, but that has not changed my ever-increasing desire for juice boxes.  Children’s food is also best when it’s shaped, preferably in the shape of a dinosaur.  Observe:


(mildly burnt) pancakes

Chicken nuggets

Oatmeal (the dino eggs HATCH!!!)

birthday cake!

and my favorite, dragon-dinosaur and castle cookies!

I love kids food. Tonight, I ate cheese and crackers with a white grape/apple juice box.  Perfect.


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